The 800 Pound Gorilla

I’d hoped to make post 800 special in some way. That probably won’t happen.

In the main character’s attempt to get back home, his friends abandon him at the outset, the authorities almost catch him, he nearly drowns eluding those authorities, they almost catch him a second time, he nearly falls from a precipice, he loses control of a vehicle which promptly malfunctions and leaves him unable to resist when another character captures him and takes him to her base.

That’s barely more than five minutes of a movie I recently watched. Despite my summarization it’s entirely believable and exactly like the book I’m reading tells me I should write fiction, yet I still struggle to pour on the conflict when I begin to compose. Shit, maybe I should just write down a list of bad things that could happen and roll dice every 500 words.

146 words on day 800