Day 14

It’s hard to figure out how Clive Owen got billing above Paul Giamatti in “Shoot Em Up”.  The trailer made it pretty clear to me that Paul is the main character and Clive just happens to be along because ever bad guy needs a good guy to toe up to.  I think this is really going to be the vehicle that puts that little guy in orbit.  “Sideways” could have been a fluke.  You have to get another good one under your belt before you can really be a star.

That unmemorable thing with Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, and what’s her name is just not going to go well.  What the heck is that trailer about.  It comes off like its talking about the on-going war in Iraq, but not quite.  Tom as a senator looks like an actor playing a senator.  Harrison as a senator or a cop sure.  If he wants clean cut he needed to stick to lawyers.

Rush Hour 3 sucked.  Plot holes _I_ actually saw and could not forgive.  And, was that a McGuffin?   Easily the best parts were the trademark outtakes during the credits.

Day 13

We’ve added a new feature to the 1000 Days document.  It’s a day counter!  Try not to get too excited.

The weekends are catch as catch can.  I’ll try and make them less so in the future, but today wasn’t going to follow a good schedule no matter how I tried to mold it.  Today was our first garage sale.

The vets arrive early and they know not to pay whats on the sticker.  I knew this to be true so I prepared myself by not having everything out, a small child on hand to assist, and my wife away at the store.  Right out of the gate the grey storage bin was slashed 25%, paid for, broken down, and carted away.  Damn, should have put $25 on that.  In short order a few other things vanished and then the vets did too.  I was alone with a toddler and a frantic call to the wife to get her ass home.

Who am I kidding this isn’t even interesting to me.

I am inventing a card game.  Or something like it.

It needs to be simple to learn and obvious to play, but interesting enough to stick around.  Initially I was inspired by MtG creativity and MtG’s lack of scope.  I hate that you can just pull whatever card out of your ass that you’ve purchased that day.  More accurately I hate that someone else can do that to do.  My game skews more to traditional card decks in that there will be a nearly finite number of cards.  It might be a large number of cards, but it would still be finite.  No one will be able to pull out the Hand of God card let alone pull out the HoG card only to be blocked by the Wife of God card defense.

Already this writing thing pays off.  One of the troubles I have had is how to limit the gameplay and how to do so without much artwork overhead.  I think colored borders will be good.  Cards can only be matched out based on border colors matching.  Assuming this is a playable way to go.

Cards will contain nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  The shapes a player makes with the cards will define their playability.

Day 12

Tempted to go without a prompt this morning, but I won’t for go it.  Instead I’ll just write what I wanted and then follow up with the prompt.

I was directed to a website containing mechanical prompt-like cards.  These are meant to stimulate creative minds in some way or another, not just to prompt writing.  It brought to mind the preliminary work Joe and I did on our triangle shaped card game.  I did some searching to find die cutting devices (in my mind the triangular die-cut was the biggest hurdle). I came up with a couple home based options but nothing as simple as I need for this card game.

Ugh.  Rolling to the prompt instead….

Day 11

Todd wanted to know if there would be a follow up to the bottle thing from yesterday.  There will be, but not today.  I think it’s best for my training regimen that I take a new prompt daily.  Editing will be later.

What did we get today…

What things are better than going to school? Why?

I guess I am not going to like them all.  I’ll endeavor not to be too judgmental.

Maybe I will be judgmental after all.  I like how this question incorporates two distinct possible meanings: what do you like better than school–because everyone knows schools a bore; and, what provides better education than school?  Then there is the plurality.  There must be more of either.  In any case, the questions implies that school is not getting the job done.

Amusement parks and experience.

All activities that are not inherently challenging are going to be more interesting than school.  Amusement parks are the first thing that came to mind that do not require effort to participate.

Experience is always more educational than school.  Doing, seeing, hearing, feeling, and exploring bake the knowledge batter.

Day 10

Wow.  Here we are in the middle of week number two.  Pardon me while I pat myself on the back…

The Fabulous Prompto:

You’re walking along the beach one cool and crisp morning when you notice something sticking out of the sand. As you get closer, you realize it’s a bottle with a message in it. You crack the bottle open and read it. What does it say?

Romantic notion.  Not terribly practical for spinning off a wondrous tale.  It’s going to have a name, a date, a ship’s name, and a most likely location.  But my rules allow me to modify the form of my reply.

Gail hikes her flowered skirt and stoops to examine the green glass, knowing it will only be a sand and sea polished shard.  There is no hope of it being an entire bottle.

Under closer inspection the piece is completely buried.

The dome of buffed glass rises and sets in an arc through the sand.

Gail carefully fingers an outline around the exposed edge searching tentatively for a safe way to pull it up.  The broken edge doesn’t appear and her heart surges at the chance that this could be a whole bottle after all.  Scooping out wet sand from the punt she’s digging with less caution now.

She rotates it out from the bottom.  It’s heavy and full of sand but whole.  Almost whole: the mouth has a chip.

Gail carries in two hands like a sleeping child to the Pacific waves to rinse.  It takes a long time to get all the sand out of the inside:  she fills it with water and sludges it out, shakes madly, shivers it side to side half sunk.  Eventually it emptied of sand.  Inside there is something more improbable than a note.

A carved stone.

A carved stone too big to enter or exit the bottle.

Day 9

I was looking forward to following up with one of the prompters I discovered below, but I am afraid I don’t have the time to do one justice.  However, doing one justice isn’t really the point, writing is.

Where are the playgrounds without the graffiti?  Compare some aspect of your life to something you’d see at a playground.  Write about your comparison.

Let’s say that writing is like a slippery-slide.  Let’s say it’s like the ladder part.  And let’s say that ladder is crowded with other kids wanting their ride.

I don’t have a problem standing in line, waiting my turn.  But I can see it’s going to be awhile.  And this one is not all that tall.  How much fun could the ride down really be?

Oh, look a swing just freed up!

Day 8

Welcome to the second week.

I have to admit to being bored by the content here thus far.  I am not surprised by it, just bored.  The initial challenge for me will be to come up with a suitable way to be inspired to produce less boring content.  Left to my own devices I would likely do no more than rant and rave about the life of a father of three daughters.  While this might be great for some and might eventually be good for me I don’t think that it would be a great place to start.

The internet is rife with writing motivators and prompts.  I find these trite.  Probably because I haven’t employed them to write more–at all.

I’m going to find three:

Interestingly this brief search landed me in portions of the internet I’ve not been to in a long time or ever.