Day 99: Penultimate Days

I’ve just noticed that the 100th day of writing here on 1000 Days will coincide with the my and my wife’s 10th anniversary.  This was not planned or foreseen–not till today anyway.

I’m inclined to derive some meaning from this concurrence.  I began writing at 1000 Days in a fairly random way.  I’ve failed to write a couple days and and scheduled a couple outages.  One hundred days isn’t exactly a easy duration to apply to a calendar to find a finish line from a start date.  All this is to say that I didn’t and probably couldn’t have planned to have done this on purpose.  It must be fate.  The trouble is I am at a loss for what meaning it could provide.

My wife and I don’t both write.  She’s not encouraging me to quit my day job to go pro (nor am I).  She doesn’t even read this site.  That leaves me to side  with my unromantic mathematical friend that this coincidence contains no meaning.  I won’t go so far as to fell it foolish to even think that it should; he can go there on his own.

I should spend the time instead getting a card or drawing a picture or writing a poem.

Word count:  206

Day 94: Flowers Along the Drenfennelen

Kraite stroked the ridge of fur back from the corner of his mouth and twisted the thin braid at the end.  He disliked the style, but the braids appealed to Mallen.  Repeating the action made him feel thoughtful.

He was not thoughtful.  At least not anymore.

The bush in Qwain, especially here at the headwaters of the Drenfennelen river, smelled clean even a bit spicy.  The warming morning air brought with it the earth aroma…

Lots of thoughts on this.  Too many to put together into a thread of words at this point.  He’s sitting atop an aqueduct ruin and gay.  More later.

Made another theme change.  It needs a better header photo, but I like the simplicity and the extra column. Will have to tweak or dump the tagcloud. Snuck a bit of AdSense in there too.  Enjoy.

Word count: 136

Day 87: I Lost Day 86

Just realized I lost "Day 86: Later That Morning in Lo Tom".  I wrote it in DarkRoom and apparently neglected to copy it over to 1000 Days.  It wasn’t great work.  It didn’t advance the plot over much.  In fact, it sorta tanked, devolving into one of my introspective posts on how I write and how I do it wrong sometimes.  I’m sad it’s gone though.

Briefly it reveled that Nita was waiting for Mr. Bollister.  He was characterized as round and thoughtful.  I revealed that Nita was looking for his heat signature–I didn’t word it that crudely.  I think I made her a vampire.  Once it occurred to me I had, I immediately lighted on the idea that it might be neat if in this world vampires were dependant on normal folks.  Something akin to beggars.  No idea how that might work out.

I suspect in the next day or two I’ll have to take a planned outage.  Tonight I’ll just get away with lame.

Day 69: Pre-PCP

I am anticipating a possible outage tomorrow during the 9th annual Pumpkin Carving Party.  I’ve got many things going on that will make it challenging to sit in front of the computer for any length of time.  Maybe I should set my alarm?

We’ve been planning for a party here.  Thus far I’ve bought $200 dollars worth of food and still have to cook it and buy beer.  I’ve half made a train costume for Halloween and need to get that done or be kicked out of “World’s Best Dad” club.  Cleaned the house .  Cleaned the office.  GOt the car in the garage.

I need to mow, sweep, and decide not to do a spiderweb this year–again.  Probably ought to shave.  I need to wrap presents for the birthday party the next day and maybe I have to get a card, but she’s one so I am not sure on the protocol there.

Hopefully, today will wrap up nicely at work and I’ll be done by mid-afternoon.

Day 57: Ten Eight the Big D

I’ll be traveling this weekend.  Anyone monitoring my vow to post daily should note that I’ll be working in the pen and paper medium most likely–if not at all.  You’ll see if I dropped the ball come Monday I suppose.

In the mean time feel free to skim back through the earlier stuff.  The tag cloud isn’t up to speed since the transfer from MT to WP.  I’m working on that but every time I get inspired I realize its that or a daily entry.  You know which comes first.

I’ve been checking out Jaiku ever since I heard the announcement that Google bought them.  I am not much on Twitter of Jaiku, but it’s not hard to belong and not participate.  On Jaiku I created a Philmont channel.  If you are a member you should try that out.  If not, I am new so I don’t have any invites to give out and you’ll need to wait.

Enjoy the weekend.