Not Too Bad a Haul

one minute timer

Missed my normal morning hours so I’ve filled this space up with a 20 x 1 minute drill.

  1. Druuma dropped down the steep stone steps like a stream over rocks. At the bottom of the flight she splashed into the bright room.
  2. The wet clover field dissolved to white fog as high as a frog could leap.
  3. The hunting pack coursed through the slender trunks like a flock of earth-bound sparrows hunting flies, but these predators were after something less innocent.
  4. Ruins of the conquered city struggle to discern themselves form the natural boulders scattered around the really really dull area that I wasn’t hoping to be so dull.
  5. Charkon’s face tensed from the pain. His ears curled forward and his brow stretched smooth while the doctor punctured the skin of his forearm.
  6. Of course the first thing you saw were the tats. They began like threads on her fingertips then tangled their way to her knuckles, the bcks of her hands, and her wrists like inky cobwebs.
  7. It just didn’t make sense. As hard as Tromber tried to filter the cachophony from the stall woman speaking t him about the fruits for ale he couldn’t understand what she was saying. Couldn’t…
  8. Tom Tom criticized the music, the fire, and the air around him. No campfire-fair would ever live up to the gatherings of his tribe, his people. That’s mainly how it began.
  9. Buttercups speckled the clover field thickly with white. Barefoot, we feared to move for stepping on one of the tiny bees buzzing. So many hovered…
  10. Dripping. Dripping and darkness. That’s how I’d describe the cave. Those and maybe endless. Each drop made a noise nearby the spread to the edges of the dark world and I could hear all that space.
  11. Flits and skids and full sized ferries aimed their bows toward the floating city and punched ignition buttons simultaneously.
  12. The force vents warmed at idle. Each squad of mages assigned to them relaxed while a babysitter kept the trottle-spell engaged.
  13. “I said, ‘Duck into the closet and stay there till I return.'” Please stay there I thought. I won’t return and you need to stay alive till someone does. Someone you won’t know but someone who’ll protect you better than I have.
  14. Texas is so god-damned big. You can’t get across it from east to west in a single day, but by fucking god you’ll want to in July. Even if you have to risk being pulled over by State Patrol in Amarillo.
  15. Vyspinian drifted at the edge of real and fringe like a bee selecting which flower to rob of necter.
  16. The shape dropped from the crown of the tree. As it approached the level of our deckway it resolved into a hairy mass so large, so unbelievably solid, it being in the canopy int he first place…
  17. Susan, Carl, and Amber sat in silence at their little outside table. Inside the restaurant rumbled along like a train. Around them diners paid no heed, but for…
  18. Two hand counts of chickens chattered in the front yard while one lame cow struggled in the wet mud behind the cabin. Her hooves stamped and sucked in the muck.
  19. A flare of brass trumpeting shocked the gather Frome to their feet. Jonjill would enter the arean in a moment and none wanted to miss his final entrance.
  20. Chis wriggled his fingers then clenched them to fist. Opening his hands again he applied his fingertips to the keys and played.

In 20 More Minutes

I last did this work out in May.  I ought to do it more often as it really feels like a fun exercise.  Though maybe now I’ve done my warm up I should get to the real stuff?

  1. Crickets and insects from all angles along the ground and all arcs through the canopy rendered the jungle a screeching mass of noise.  Occasionally a monkey
  2. John stepped from the tub nearly naked.  Yes, nearly–not fully.  He’d thought it prudent to shower in his socks.  These public showers were notorious for
  3. Underpaw, the fallen leaves crackled as the fox strutted through the shadows near the edge of the glade.  Rabbit blood on his whiske
  4. The armada gathered.  Each member snipping in from underspace in about the same order they’d entered from the staging
  5. You just don’t think robots get rusty.  You don’t imagine them with shoddy paint jobs, dings around the joints, or rotten rubber hose dangling from gaps in
  6. Julie sat motionless near the base of a tree.  She held a crumb of bread in her hand and waited on a nearby robin.  None were coming and her arm ached.  But she had money on
  7. Colin gritted his teeth.  He pressed his finger tips and then the palm of his hand to the rear of the dead-battery Chevy and sealed his skin to the blue metal
  8. Drifting upward then sinking downward.  Drifting upward then sinking downward.  Hugh expected the sailboat to continue this way in it’s moorings till the end of time.  It , in fact, did not.
  9. “I will not do that again.” Jennifer told her sister.  She stamped her foot down for emphasis, but hit the edge of a stone in the pathway and the
  10. His face wore age the way toddlers wear heavy diapers: badly.  Lines molded his cheeks and forehead into
  11. The fabric evaporated from her body in the light breeze as if it were not attached to any part of the rest of itself.  The sun illuminated it
  12. Anger swelled in Christian’s chest like dead cat in the hot summer sun.  He’d seen
  13. Teacon paced to the edge of the stage and fired up his pad.  It booted quickly and charts were on the screen in front of the audience as the gunmen came into the auditorium from the
  14. Pip. Pip. Pip.  Scratch.  Flutter.  The wren never stopped moving.  Russell glared at it and wiggled a knob on his camera to
  15. The car ate other cars for breakfast and the writer cringed at the cliché.  He’d meant to right something a little more exciting about th
  16. The car fucked other cars sisters and then bragged about it.  It was sleek and red and never stopped looking like it was moving fast even when it wasn’t moving at all.  From the rear spoiler to the front end grill
  17. Leave off the car for God’s sake you’re sucking at it.  Maybe you can go with that old stand by of a leaf and a tree.  Doesn’t seem like you did that too obviously above and maybe no one notices.  Maybe.  Shit, 14 seconds left.  What are you going to write next?
  18. Travis scuffed his bare feet along the dirt road.  High bushes to his left obscured the dropoff cliff the
  19. Magic sloshed around in the room like a sailor still drunk three days into his leave.  The mages tried to capture it.  Tried to tame it.
  20. But in the end they were only able to guide it–more or less–toward the sword they’d intended to imbue.  Drips of manna seeped into the patchwork floor but most made it into the weapon.

Thanks Online-Stopwatch!

Day 330

More in a Minute

Gonna do the 1-minute timer thing again today. I’ve been crap for a week now and need to get something out there to prove that I’m alive. The visceral reaction I mentioned last time may play better for my approaching day than it did my receding day last time. Now where’s that online timer…

  • Grant stuck to the lower streets. The darker alleys. And the narrower tunnels on his approach to the castle. There was no need to draw attention to his person or purpose. If e
  • Cold rain splashed the lower half of the cottage walls with mud and dung. Growing flash-streams
  • The sun chattered through the passing trees as they road. The patternless bursts gave Conner a headache.
  • A bird called distantly and cliché-ingly in the forest. And then I looked at the timer in hopes that it would soon run out and I’d not have to continue with this sentence at all. Certainly it will ding any time now. This HAS to
  • Vapor rose from the sun warmed trunks like they were on fire, but without flame. In patches, the wet Spring snow melted into the earth.
  • “How many fucking times do I have to tell you to get off my land.” Carson raised the shotgun to his shoulder. This time it didn’t feel like a bluff. My heart chugged and my feet spun. I
  • Night slipped under the door and into the low-roofed home. What had been bright and sharp sunset shadows became indistinct
  • Varn felt the city swallow him up. Felt the greatness of the sea laugh at his smallness. He knew he’d be changing this all soon
  • “It’s a little more like a demon look. And rough up the horns a little more.” Josh tread as carefully as he could with the artist. This was his first comic and he wanted it all just so. “I
  • She stepped to the microphone with no plan to back her next move. She could sing or speak or fumble around, but none of the regular options seemed effective. What else could
  • Angel’s blue skin tingled at the thought of warmth. Outside in the snow all he could imagine was the comfort and quality of the c
  • Seriously, a blue skinned dude named Angel? and in the snow? What the heck was that all about? Let’s see if we can up the quality around here. Maybe you could have some leaves fall or something like that. Wow this minute seems so much longer
  • Leaves battered to the ground like dead bodies being pushed into a mass grave. Donovan imagined each hitting the forest floor with a wet thump. They made nearly no noise though
  • A grey cat trotted up to me from the bushes. Out here I’d have expected less attention and more slinking. I wiggled my finger in my ear to coat it with wax and offered it to the cat. I’ve used this trick
  • The first thing that strikes a new gun owner about their weapon is it’s weight. Doesn’t matter how many they’ve owned before this next one always feel a little heavier than they expected. The closer they get to guessing the weight though
  • Green. The mountains shone with bright verdant life. A hundred feet up from the the river Agone a dragonfly colored castle began it’s
  • I think that ought to do for now. I need to get on to some other stuff as well as work. I would like an earlier start on both. Plus this Mountain Dew is getting progressively warmer. That’s not good.

Word count: 597
Day 235

In 20 Minutes

Those bastards over at Gorilla Artfare did it again. Of particular blame is this guy.

I’m going to attempt the writing version of “30 second poses”. Mine are going to be a minute long though because the online timer I found is too hard to set to a minute and because I’m a lazy punk.

  1. Brenda sprinted down the dark hallway. She wasn’t sure which child cried, but she was going to put a stop to it so none o
  2. Leaves puddled at the base of the tree. A robin picked among them…
  3. Nine garangs walked out of the treeline into the sunny mountain meadow. Each wore a smart vest and carried a walking staff. It was time for tea. (whoops forgot to hit start)
  4. Mark found the ocean remarkable not for its size but it ceaseless action. Waves crashe
  5. Mist rose from the warm pond as I dipped my paddle into the surface. There was no reason for me to be quiet or still, yet I couldn’t not be. Even th
  6. “You’d better not be trying to play the I’ve changed more diapers today card on me now. I change these things everyday. If you change this one and the next 10 after that you’ll maybe catch up to Tuesday.”
  7. Patricia stoope to pick up the paper. The side up held no writing, but there was no way the reverse could be blank. She was curious to know if it would be a phone number, a name, or
  8. The dog growled. The glass seperated us, but I couln’t be sure he didn’t know that. I wasn’t taking chances so I dropped the package and bolted for the car.
  9. An ant, one of the smaller red ants, not the ones that bite, but the ones you can barely see walked along the contour of my cup.
  10. Carol stroked the inside of her arm. Her cool skin sagged with age. She resisted admitting she no longer
  11. Two enourmous machines crested the hill. Nothing this big wasn’t military, but these didn’t seem of the typical green with guns sort. The undercarriage clung tot he ground
  12. Anxious for the test to be over, Carl skimmed the remaining questions. Maybe one of them would be easy to answer. Maybe one of them would save him from being in the lower classes again next year.
  13. Pixies hovered in various places in the air before me. Their formation seemed one of collective curiousity more than outright attack. Carefully I slid my hand into
  14. Green. I had to remember green. First I had to sleep then I had to wake up remembering green. Green. Green. Grass is green. But it’s wet too. Wet. Wet.
  15. Jennifer loaded up her book bag and headed out the door to class. Tuesdays and Thursdays were the worst because she had no breaks and all three classes had big books or multiple books.
  16. Juan never could get a grip on where his mind would go on a shift. His hands cleared tables and his arms carried dishes, but in his head he was never in the restaurant. Instead he
  17. Butterflies clouded the air around Jill. One or two of them on a flower in her garden was nice. Hundreds fluttering in her face was exactly the opposite
  18. Three flights of stairs lay before John. The elevator remained unfixed for the third day in a row. THis building’s SUper sucks he thought.
  19. I really wanted to watch Deadwood instead of write tonight. Instead I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I’ve taken 20 mins to create this mess of few liners. It’s a bit of a rush, but I can’t see the neccessity of it for a writer.
  20. Not sure I can see the point for an artist either. Maybe it’s to let you brain step out of the way and leave the work to your fingers, wrists, and arms? Anyone? Certianly it turned a blow off night into something a little more


There you go.

I wrote.

Highest word count ever.

Word count: 645
Day 223