The Gloating Scriptures

I think I’ll probably gloat.

Yesterday’s post—regardless of quality or usability—represents the second full plotting of anything I’ve written here on 1000 Days. The first was that Wolverine and Jubilee comic script I wrote for some contest.

I see that confused look on your face. You ask, “What about the first ten days of this month? What about ‘Gertrude and Grumphook’? That, those, seemed like full plottings.” Yes, but they stemmed from themselves. They were their own point. And they could have been bad and I wouldn’t have cared—7 or 8 were bad. Yesterday’s plotting means that I took something inspired by a scene and extended it outward in both directions to mount it in a beginning, middle, and end tryptich. Malachi almost made it so almost did Charming—they will yet.

I suppose I should be even happier this is the first truly novel level plotting I’ve done with my work. (Shhhh…I know it’s super-ass barebones.)

Along with the straining that went into the bits you don’t see in yesterday’s scant outline I finally resolved the cultural archetypes needed to fuel the conflict of the Terminus stories. Those archetypes fit into a neat little grid that I doodled into a notebook. Here’s the transliteration:

[guilders] – Are Settlers from Earth who have made a good life in Terminus and would like to stay (or have no idea why they should return). They control magic and produce the flight-rods which power the airships of Terminus.

[military] – Are Settlers from Earth who have made a good life in Terminus and would like to stay (or have no idea why they should return). They do not have any magic and rely heavily on the Guilders for their flight-rods to power their ships.

[priests] – Are Settlers from Earth who have struggled in Terminus and would like to return to their homes and Families on Earth. They control magic, but focus their efforts upon the Outbound Spell rather than commerce.

[aboriginals] – Are the displaced people indigenous to the world in which Terminus resides. They used to have magic and would like it and their lost magicians returned. They are not incapable fighters, but the Settler interlopers, despite their minority, have the advantage.

Two groups with magic; two without. Two groups who’d like to stay; two who’d like them gone.

This leaves plenty of room for other minor groups who haven’t decided which way to fall or who play off the tensions between the others.

My shortfalls here are the hows. How will the Aboriginals oust the Military? How will the Guilders quell the Priests? How will the Priests recruit the Aboriginals? How will the Military gain independance from the Guilders?

448 words on day 661

Partly Plotted

OK. Just gonna lock my shit down and write something about Terminus regarding the Partly plot.

Plot – Escape.

Hook – Initally chased up a fire escape in Chicago, Partly finds herself climbing a rope ladder and boarding the Maker’s Marcail instead. And into an attack by raiders.

Plot Point 1 – Partly discovers the fact that she’s not as unfamiliar with Terminus as she’d originally thought when a tattoo/marking/memory matches with something she finds in Terminus.

Pinch 1 – The guilders, looking to maintain their grip on flight-rod commerce, find out Partly is probably the Harbinger and try to kidnap her but end up harming or taking Capt Munro instead.

Mid-point Twist – Mr. Cameron is revealed to have outted Partly and inadvertantly harmed his beloved captain.

Pinch 2 – The guilders find where Partly and the Maker’s crew are holed up in Terminus and burn the place down. Partly either escapes or finds herself away from the hideout at the time, returning too late.

Lull – Holed up with newly met Bogdan and Cyril feeling rather ‘woe is me’.

Plot Point 2 – Via Bogdan, Partly learns of the [priests] who also need the information Partly has in order to help return the Settlers to Earth. But she has to get to them before the Guilders get her.

Conclusion – Partly is able to narrowly escape the Guilder’s grasp and make it to the safety of the [priest]. We learn that her ‘knowledge’ is that of a timestamp. WHich now all parties know the deadline they are working to.

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A Guileless Saviour

Yesterday I indicated I needed to have something of a planning session to bang out some plot for the Terminus storyline I’ve been hacking out from Ian’s paintings. Just now I’ve reread what I wrote initially when I introduced my original main character in The Maker’s Marcail.

That character differs from what I recall. I wrote her in first person. I wrote her older and less human than I remembered. I expected to find a young innocent a la Tritti.  Instead, I found a mysterious soul-binding alien in a human body—I guess. I like that, but I don’t remember it that way. She’s a guileless saviour.

How did she get to Terminus and what has she come to accomplish?

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