About Me

IBM_AvatarThere were no longer any excuses. I accepted the one universal writing commandment: you must write every day.

About the time reality handed commandment down, a friend told me of a study showing nearly anyone could become an expert at nearly anything given 10,000 hours of devotion. This is roughly 10 years * 4 hours a day * 5 days a week. Basically 10,000 hours is a considerable amount of time. I haven’t put that volume of effort into anything, but rather than be overwhelmed I was invigorated. My meager skill at everything means that I can become great at anything in basically the same amount of time. I could easily pick any new skill to hone. I could be a pilot, a chemical engineer, an artist, an actor, or even a lighthouse operator. The trick is those professions don’t have handy or free software and I have been wanting to be an author for a long time.  Why change directions now?

How the hell I got from there to the idea to chronicle this effort for 1000 days is beyond me.  As a duration it is no where near the prescribed hours.  It has got heft though.

Your comments are invited and welcome. Nag me about a missing day. Complain about my quality. Ask me why I gave up on some thread or another. Give me tips to be better. Be advised, I write what I want not what you want. I reserve the right to not appear to be learning anything new, doing anything productive, or applying any given advice.