Fueled by The Sartorialist


It feels like some sort of exercise day. I have a handful of pictures of well dressed Europeans from The Sartorialist. I could do some character sketches.

At first you might think Tom was a well-dressed longshoreman or a transplanted pirate with his full brown beard and woolen pea coat. He stands a hand span above most other men you know but he’s not overly broad for his height, so you’d never think ‘mountain of a man’ in your head. His voice pitches incongruously high and soft for his size. You want him to bellow; you want him to roar and be gruff and bearish and dumb, but he won’t. Tom’s a librarian.

Well, Tom’s not a librarian, he’s the librarian.

If Tom is a librarian masquerading as a seaman then Collin is a coke addict, rapist, and killer pretending to studentry. From his short-collared Oxford shirt to his blue knit vest and skinny jeans he looks safe. He looks like he might join the boys on the pitch later for a bit of field hockey. The worn jean jacket he dons in the Fall softens his bony frame and drapes more like a sport coat. Eventually his clothing can’t distract you from his scrawny chin, unslept eyes, and Clorox-whitened curls. His black eyebrows sweep too far back toward his ears and never arch happily.

225 words on day 695

Dramatis Personæ

Regular readers may have noticed I pulled my “Seinfeldian Chain” page. It got good hits—likely due to the celebrity of the name itself—but I rarely updated it and let’s face it, the idea that I actually write every everyday is a lie I tell myself. One that didn’t need a fancy tracking device to expose my shame. So, gone.

In it’s place you will soon find a Cast of Characters page. I dreamed this up last night as a way of avoiding productive speculative writing, but I’ve got an angle. A trip through this last year’s writing plucking green, ripe, and rotten fruit from the branches of my posts ought to help me find a new thread to pick up on or an abandoned thread to revive. Also, I intend to try my hand at one or two-line character sketches.

I know I have characters for whom my description in situ fell short of full and even short of what I held in my head. Doing this harvest should preserve whatever considerations I’d given these characters at the time and probably expose details you’d not known before.

Lastly, I’m curious to reveal my character demographics. My writing feels physically diverse, but I’m thinking I have a number of Mary Sues out there that need to take a few strides away from their creator. At the very least a head count may be amusing.

Day 297