Ain’t All Drunk

I mentioned yesterday that I had a new keyboard. I still have it. I’ve added about four fingers of scotch to the evening. Don’t worry, it’s got three cubes of ice so it can’t be more that two and a half fingers, and it ain’t all drunk.

One thing I’ve not done is define much about The Solex Corporation and it’s religious affiliations…or roots. I think maybe doing that could help me find additional layers of conflict in both the Shanty and Benhá threads. Let’s see what I can come up with.

So far I’ve written all the Brother Gane stuff with an odd mixture of religion and programmer speak. Essentially describing hres as prayers which work directly and very practically on solex panels. The language I’ve used to describe these prayers always uses programming jargon. I call him a monk, but I’ve not spent any time deciding what or who he prays to or why. I’ve loosely thought of the solex panels as solar panels which collect the suns rays and turn them into a form of magic parallel to electricity. Beyond that I’ve not thought it through.

Since I’ve been thinking of The Solex Corporation as a combination of monks and business men then maybe I’ ought to make the whole entity a bit bifurcated. I like that idea since it gives me the chance to have lots of fun internal squabbling and conflict, but I also like the challenge of writing it in such a way as to make it perfectly homogeneous and normal. If I did the later I’d want to make it 50:50. wouldn’t want there to be an obvious leaning one way or another—never a corporation with heavy religious influence; never a religious order with a corporate mentality. Both. Evenly.

Back to the magic though.

What’s the story there exactly? Part of me wants to perpetrate the hoax I’ve been harboring for a while now where a group of magicians pretend to be a manufacturing group to conceal their magic and make it look like mechanics, but I’m not sure I need to waste that little bit of fun on this thread. Since I’ve got a demi-god in thos whole thing I suspect that magic wouldn’t be too hard to add in, but I’ve not really defined the demo-god thing either so that’s easily removed if necessary. Although I suppose I could mix a demi-god with tech and not need magic in there too.

Both as a corp and a religion The Solex Corporation is going to have natural competitors, detractors, and enemies. Let me take these each at a time.

Competitors requires I know what it is these guys do to some greater degree I suppose. Though it’s reasonable to go the Coke Pepsi route here and just suggest that there is an entirely parallel corporation out there working a slightly different angle in the same niche. Exact same products and uses, but a different price point or maybe a different quality point. Maybe just later to market and always with a minor market share. A competitor like Pepsi who never goes after the 800 lb gorilla just tries harder to increase consumer mindshare and be no bigger than needed. Not much conflict here, more like natural good natured rivalry. That doesn’t mean that individuals couldn’t get carried away and competitive, but it’s unlikely the corps will do direct battle. Or I could turn the table and make The Solex Corp the upstart taking on the 800 lb gorilla. That gives them a fire the other guys don’t possess. In many readers minds that puts the other guy in the natural enemy camp. That could be fun and might even give me a place to put Roundmartin in the Shanty history.

Detractors would be competing in the same niche but with vastly different products. These would be the electricity guys trying to play off The Solex Corp as some sort of freaks of nature. Freaks who are potentially even immoral somehow because they use magic. These guys could give anywhere from the full-court press to just being innuendo-y. In any case they’d be aggressive from an oblique angle. Not head on. Always trying to make the customer feel a little dirty about going with The Solex Corp rather than the clean and natural electric co.

Enemies. Hmmm? The first two I only addressed the business side of The Solex Corp and not the religious. Now that I think on enemies I’ve got religion as the only comer. Might want to circle back and make it an even show. Religions hardly ever seem to clash until two get extreme enough compete for the same souls or large enough to finally square off ideologically. I don’t see that happening here. Or at least I don’t see it being something I’m interested in writing.

808 words on day 756

What is the Solex Thing

I guess I’m getting better writing in the night out of sudden necessity. School started up. Other unusual time taking activities have risen up along side. I need to be ready for next week too when I’m single parenty.

Yesterday’s writing was nearly crap but it gave me a good lead to start the rescue from fire scene. I need to spend a little time considering what must have happened to Brother Gane in the Shanty story so that I can have some realistic chance of connecting this version of him to that version. Since one of the key elements from his maquette is that he’s a faker having him not be faking now seems like a natural progression. Or maybe he fakes in a thin way.

I think maybe the solex company may have been replaced by something more spiritual. Maybe I need to better decide what the solex thing even is.

Tomorrow is my real test. I should plan for some scene writing

170 words on day 504

A Rookery of Tin Pans

Two evenings in a row I find myself writing.

Brother Gane rests his elbow on the arm of the chair. He props his head on his thumb and middle finger and rubs his forhead with the spare index. The sun is down. The sea is black.

Behind him, through corrugated metal walls, the nighttime cacaphony of The Song swells with the tide. He resists the urge to check the time. Curfew will fall when it falls. Until then The Song will rattle and cheer and squawk like a rookery of tin pans. Many villagers already sleep. Only the bars and dance cans remain open for business. He stands abruptly and leaves his room.

Beetles clatter at a bare bulb lighting the gang running in front of his door. The early arrivers and first to perish crunch under foot as Gane strides to the railing and heads upstream away from distraction. A quick hres might muffle the noise, but it would also tug at his attention and he can’t have that tonight. Tonight he must find a way to extricate MC and bring her to [wherever] before this trial concludes. For that he needs concentration and time to work out the moves.

He checks the time after all: five more minutes.

211 words on day 503