What is the Solex Thing

I guess I’m getting better writing in the night out of sudden necessity. School started up. Other unusual time taking activities have risen up along side. I need to be ready for next week too when I’m single parenty.

Yesterday’s writing was nearly crap but it gave me a good lead to start the rescue from fire scene. I need to spend a little time considering what must have happened to Brother Gane in the Shanty story so that I can have some realistic chance of connecting this version of him to that version. Since one of the key elements from his maquette is that he’s a faker having him not be faking now seems like a natural progression. Or maybe he fakes in a thin way.

I think maybe the solex company may have been replaced by something more spiritual. Maybe I need to better decide what the solex thing even is.

Tomorrow is my real test. I should plan for some scene writing

170 words on day 504