Evening Revelry

Today is about plotting this Benhá story.

The following aren’t necessarily full chapters or scenes. You should assume a mixture of scenes, chapters, and sub-chapter events.

  • Escape from The Song
  • Abandonment on the shores of the Benhá river
  • Eavesdropping on Brother Gane and someone more (less?) important than he. Misunderstands that Gane had some hand in the ‘firing of The Song’ and that maybe it was all an illusion.
  • Introduction of The Song
  • MC selling in her booth
  • MC meeting mysterious old man(Gane)
  • Discovering the body
  • Meeting the live victim?
  • Surprise revealing of the condition of the victim
  • Evening revelry in the entertainment quarter of The Song
  • Mayor trying to sway Gane against MC
  • MC traveling alone to monastery
  • Gane casting a shielding spell over MC
  • The shield spell wearing off en route to the monastery
  • Running away from the monastery
  • Returning to the burnt out ruins of The Song
  • Meeting other ‘magician/monks’ at the monastery
  • Skin writing training
  • Some illuminating scene why SW is valuable (help)
  • Discovering the truth about mom and dad. They were hiding out in The Song.
  • PP1: Murder of a new friend at the monastery; (can’t exactly do murder a third time can I?)
  • PP2: Remote blastings finally hit MC directly when she gets to the gutted The Song; she’s nearly killed
  • MC trying to use SW as a weapon; linked to PP1?

233 words on day 505