Charming Venda

Because I’m working on plot this weekend I’m having trouble deciding how best to write and make it count.

I’ve always felt I had a knack for picking out character names. Fortunately I’ve not got any kind of medium in which to score them to find out if I’m full of crap. Benhá’s protagonist’s name just sprung to mind. A warm—and belated—welcome goes out to the young Miss Charming Venda.

Tourists came to The Song mid-week and left once their hangovers wore off on Saturday. Sundays Charming assembled her booth in the corner and stacked the card table with her hand crafted t-shirts. No money came of it, but it keeps the six other soulless days when she sold keychains, pens, and plush fish for Mrs. Nardi in check. This day the [boothmaster] pipes off-world xKreem through the speakers instead of looping those 20 year old Rivered pop songs like she does for the tourists.

160 words on day 506