Returning February 22

I’ve been writing but not posting for a couple weeks. It’s been miss-able.

Rather than slog through these last 56 days with nothing to be proud of, I’m going to take a purposeful break. I will be back for the last eight weeks on February 22.

A Weekly 1kd?

I read an article today that dredged up thoughts from the silt of my brain I’d not realized existed…ever or still—not sure which. I am decidedly unprofessional on 1000 Days. I do not put forth the effort to make sense, spell words accurately, finish a thought, or comma-nate with much appropriateness. I make up words.

If you asked me why I posted so many rough lines my excuse would be that I’m not trying to do anything but write daily. Everything else I do well is just gravy and accidental. Unfortunately, that response would be both a lie and not a very good idea. I do try to do more than write daily; I should try to do more.

Initially 1000 Days existed as a Word document. Early on, friends encouraged me to create a blog so I could share what I wrote with them. I did, but I don’t think most of those folks read 1000 Days any more, so the panopticon effect I might have enjoyed in the first few months is long gone. I’m the only one watching over me now—which is fine, but doesn’t require a public blog. I had hoped daily posts might attract random followers willing to put up with my speculative brain spasms. There must be some secret to gaining such readers because my stats over the years show less than five hits a day on average—Hello there, robots! I do get occasional real-people bumps but not sticky ones. Really the only reason not to revert to a Word document is the convenient database of posts and the off-site storage of my work.

Work which I’ve just declared unprofessional.

I’m leading to the possibility I take 1000 Days off the daily posting schedule. That I still write daily, but that I only post the good stuff. The edited stuff. The thought out and crafted stuff. The professional stuff.