6 Replies to “Attention RSS Subscribers”

  1. I contemplated walking down the road a bit to let you know that I have indeed been reading. Then I remembered that it was rather nippy outside and this wonderful mess of tubes that connect us.

    To the point though, I generally link in to read via Twitter rather than RSS.

  2. I read via RSS. It is just easier to get all my reading in one location. At one point blogs were blocked at school and the RSS was the only method available for reading as well. I do use google reader as well.

  3. @jesse walking down here would have emphatically proven you were human for sure, but maybe not all that bright consider the nippiness. I’ll run your comment through a Turing test later but for now I’m glad to hear from you even if you aren’t one of the 61 per se.

    @andy Yay! I’m all for RSS reading. It’s how I get all my reading done too. I was just skeptical when I saw the high count and wanted to verify my lurkers.

  4. I’m glad to have all of you as readers. Even those of you who haven’t chimed in yet.

    I spend plenty of time not worrying about which readers I have and who they might be. I suspect that keeps me feeling free to do as I please around here, which sometimes means not much at all, but after seeing the 61 RSS subscribers I felt I needed to turn over a few rocks and say hello.

    If I ever stumble into territory you’d like me to expand on storywise, drop me a note or make a comment.

  5. Yep. I’m here. Still reading via Netvibes. Nothing like having the my bot minions bring me all of the interesting things from the interwebs to occupy my “spare” time. :-)

  6. @fzz great to hear from you too. Consume as you please; I’m happy to have you.

    I did a bit more searching and it turns out that most of the 61 RSS readers are Friend Feed subs. Near as I can tell those are equivalent to spam follows on Twitter.

    I didn’t forget about getting coffee and chatting. I just had a long week of conference calls.

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