Run Dark Alley

Day 454

Madrigar laces a canopy to the frame at the front of his stall then tightens the iridescent purple fabric by snugging up the bar that wedges it out from the back wall. His chappi stall languishes like a cat in a window.

The stall’s registered designation in the Vendor Bureau at the Merchant Ministry is SB. South side; second stall. But here in Run Dark Ally, the grand dam of all Tropulan’s ally fairs, it’s known eponomously as Madrigar. A cook’s assitant looking for fresh caught trout would find them on ice at Dromie’s at NE. A musician looking

In other alley fairs the best spot—usually the SB designation—is known as the madrigar.

Infrequent Run Dark patrons might ask directions to a particular

in the second space back from the entrance on the sunny south side of the alley. Everyone sees his

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