Day 59: Humping the Muse

I feel like I have been pushing the envelope on some of these little scenic things I am doing.  If you’ve paid attention to the word count you will see that it dwindles as I press on.  Most of this drop off is a reflection of my poor ability to lock in a time of day to write the remainder stems from the medium I am using for inspiration on a lot of these: other peoples photos.  Such reliance does a number of good things and some bad things for my productivity.

Using external prompts like photos allows me to write about unexpected events or things–things not sitting on my desk.  Photos transport me to a world I might not have otherwise considered or to a view of the world within my considerations in a way I might not have possessed without the photo.  While some folks might find this method too much like trying on someone else jeans.  Initially similar but increasingly foreign as you attempt to button them up.  I am OK with that (but not for pants).  A writer needs to take someone else’s approach from time to time.  Doing so is like having an editor for your inspiration.

Easter egg hunting holds no appeal for me.  Searching out muse photography holds little more.  Long range and regular it ain’t.

I think I had the most fun with the piece of artwork I had seen several months back and can no longer dredge up from the Internet.  That one brief image spawned three perspectives and four characters so far.  It also felt more like my own, yet new.

What all this means I am not sure.  Perhaps I will return to ‘Shanty‘.  Perhaps I’ll just apply the same technique to another inspiration experience.  Both are attractive.  Older posts call out to me to be edited and expand as well.  I may heed those sirens.

The immediate next step is going to be nothing so emotional or creative.  It’s time to increase the word count to something substantial.

Word count:  335

Day 56: Drawing on the Write Side of the Brain

Is it too early for me to learn to draw?  I find myself increasingly jealous of the talents and skills of artists.  I don’t want to be a painter or well thought of talent, but it would be fun to be able to sketch stuff.

Art and photography are quite an inspiration to my writing in the last month.  I wouldn’t want to under estimate the efforts of these creative folks, but I find that achieving the same outcomes with words to be tough.

With words I have to balance the dullness of complete and precise description with the tone and emoting of a scene.  The words draw the reader in the proper direction, but never to the exact destination.  Subsequent words hone and focus the scene.  With drawing you really can go all the way there–if you want to.

But I can’t imagine how I would wordulate something like “Monsters Inc.”  That’s the challenge I posed to myself when I first started not really doing anything with “The Bringer of Mist”.  I am glad to have written more on it here and expect to continue, but I just don’t think I could capture the full feel a cartoon movie provides.  In some circumstances you could get away with blatantly stating, “Hey these are cartoons.”  Then you could iterate as needed.  But that’s just not the style of writing I am going for in my work.

I’ll just have to keep working on it.

Word count: 240