Day 62: Today I Invent the Word Xenolithically

…and then use it in a non-metamorphic rock sort of way.

Tomorrow we are prepping the garage for the ninth annual pumpkin carving party. If I can eek out the time, I am going to get the tablet hooked up to the computer and start learning to draw.

But that’s tomorrow.

Regarding Bringer, the societal thing eludes me. Birth doesn’t seem doable for a tinker. Neither does physical growth and maturity. There won’t be any restaurants or bars since there won’t be anyone drinking or eating. I’ve flat out decided that fabricating the desire for food is a cop out. But tinkers need to have society. They need a drive to be with each other together and each other apart. That line doesn’t have to make sense to you.

However, I do want them to have familiar activities. Not that I worry about my ability to write tinkers so xenolithically that I need to artificially make the more familiar–I’ll be fine on that score I am sure. What I want to do is find several familiar things that are not dietary that can mimic the non-nutritional values of gathering to eat. Then tweak or taint them just a bit.

jerry chart 62

Day 44: Movable Type Moves On

Not feeling all that creative today.  Lots of work this week and today.  Up at 3AM.  Finished work around 7PM.

I did get the MT blog torn down and replaced with this Word Press one.  I don’t know what happened with MT.  I am a bit disappointed because I was enjoying the mature interface.  While the advance management path was unnecessarily circuitous the common areas were precise.  I enjoyed the look.  Someone took the time to consider the aesthetic.

WordPress is fine.  I navigate quickly to everything I need, but the interface leans toward utility and away from delight.  But it works, doesn’t spontaneously bork.

I think I’ll end it there.  No point in dragging this out when there is perfectly good sleeping to be done.