I Finally Kill a Main Character (almost)

Rhoda coughed then cringed from the pain. “Dammit.”

“Hold still, Rho-sweet,” Wendel said. “It’s not as bad as it looks. You’re going be abed for a couple days, but we’ve got time to find Morgan.” The monk squeezed her arm firmly then released his grip slowly; it was as bad as it looked.

Wendel tucked a few of Rhoda’s lavendar highlights behind the girl’s ears. This close she looked like her older fair-haired sister Morgan. Wendel knew they looked alike, all the Bearforts favored their father’s northern heritage, but she had not realized how much the girl’s dark hair and braids defined her. Nor how much she herself had let that dark hair convince her that Rhoda wasn’t some one she had to care much about because she was just Morgan’s little sister.

, Wendel felt Rhoda’s warm breath on her own lips.

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A Sorceress and A Witch


Rhoda conjured another daemon like a juggler practicing his knives. Her coalesce became a dancer in flame. The unused vapor swirled for a moment like a silk scarf then tore away in gust. Her black and gray-lavendar hair threatened the same.

The edge of the Viyi alter was too high to sit on comfortably, but she did so anyway. Her unsheathed dagger completed the sacrilige.

“You look like Viy’s Cunt sitting there, girl. Get up,” Wendel said.

Rhoda raised her chin and tightened her grip on the dagger but nothing else.

The Black Kite on Wendel’s shoulder spread it’s wings and arrowed it’s beak at Rhoda.

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