Day 11

Todd wanted to know if there would be a follow up to the bottle thing from yesterday.  There will be, but not today.  I think it’s best for my training regimen that I take a new prompt daily.  Editing will be later.

What did we get today…

What things are better than going to school? Why?

I guess I am not going to like them all.  I’ll endeavor not to be too judgmental.

Maybe I will be judgmental after all.  I like how this question incorporates two distinct possible meanings: what do you like better than school–because everyone knows schools a bore; and, what provides better education than school?  Then there is the plurality.  There must be more of either.  In any case, the questions implies that school is not getting the job done.

Amusement parks and experience.

All activities that are not inherently challenging are going to be more interesting than school.  Amusement parks are the first thing that came to mind that do not require effort to participate.

Experience is always more educational than school.  Doing, seeing, hearing, feeling, and exploring bake the knowledge batter.