Day 20

While there are excuses, none will be given.  I fucked up.

I learned this weekend that in order to become a master of nearly anything I need to invest 10000 hours toward that goal.  Rough 4 hours a day for 10 years–weekends excepted.

Retrospectively this means I might be an expert of something I began to do in 1997.  Since I haven’t continued to do anything I have begun to do that leaves me short an mastery.  This means I will be unable to be a master of anything until 2017 and that I have to find four hours in the day.  Fuck a duck!

Yes, a duck.

Let’s call the time between 8 in the evening and 11 two hours.  No I have to find two more.  I guess there is lunch and before work.

And then I have to pick something.  Shit this gets harder and harder.

Though I should revel in the whole nearly anything stipulation and take that to mean the seriously, I can do anything.  Not just the things I have traditionally thought I wanted to do.  Buy a guitar and start picking.  Steal a brush and start brushing.  Put on a leotard and start dancing.

Somewhere in here is an article.