Day 26

It occurred to me that I’d not be able to provide facial expressions for most if not all of my Bringer characters.  Maybe various degrees of open mouthedness, but I don’t think that going to get me much emotion.  This means I’ll need to probably have some stock sets of physical responses to emotions.  That way I can be consistent and not have to invent on the spot.

Gross movements of the head like: tilting, nodding, cocking (how’s that different from tilted?), drooping, dropping, shaking, twisting.  Closed mouth, eyes, averting antennae, maybe pupil dilation?  Tongue placement or movement.

I’ll need to be able to describe the overall bodily appearances for not only the gears but also the other tinkers: zips, windups, clockworks, steamers, etc.  I think the comic book creation book I bought my nephew will help in this regard.  I probably ought o by that for myself.