Day 35: Some Epiphanies

It’s working.  It’s really working!

Writing every day has helped me to recognize and begin to conquer three things: not writing every day, flat passive voice, and quality over volume.

The first and most obvious of these three is that I am writing every day.  The proof is right here, but I am also writing more elsewhere.  And that is good too.  Though the tie I write on my work blog drains time I could devote to this specific venue.

What I am calling flat passive voice or sneaky passive is getting pruned.  Ha Ha.  No doubt it has a real name, but that’s what I’ll call it for now.  I’d go ahead and define and demonstrate if I could just think of a concrete example.  Since I can’t I’ll just roll on to the next one and leave you with the fact that I think I am overcoming this one.

Yesterday I glimpsed the leading edge of my hang up on quality over progress.  I reffered to it as volume above, but that is not correct.  What I mean to convey is that I have begun to push my writing forward even when I know it’s sucking a bit as it trails behind my keystrokes.  I still slide back for the occasional typo correction or word replacement, but I don’t wholesale rework a line.  I need that.

Good day.