Day 39: Mongo Poser

In which I use the internet to teach me skate slang…

I’ve read people talk about how much fun it is to let their characters just take the reins and see where it goes.  I can see where that would be fun, but I can’t see where it would be useful or practical.  As the author shouldn’t I know where it’s going since I’ve made the plans.

That said, I’ve been having a good time with the Shanty stuff.  No idea where it’s going.  Not even planning a plot.  Like thats a big deal.  LOL.

I hadn’t expected that making an effort to describe a single location from a number of perspectives would be so productive.  I feel like I just got a new metal detector, practiced in my front yard, and turned up a couple of doubloons.

Now instead of having something to throw away.  I feel like I have something to work on.  Something to work out.  Which means it’s trending toward not being so free and easy.  I guess I’ll just have to take a breath and see how to skate that rail.