Day 45: Housekeeping

A little of both kinds. Here’s the administrative portion…

Closing in on fifty days. I have a couple ideas for new features that will both tastefully embellish the less is more aesthetic (thats twice in two days) and challenge my random programming skills. I will not be able to get those implemented before the half hundred mark, but soon. For now you can enjoy the Seinfeldian Chain I put together with Google Spreadsheets.

Part of the reason I will not be able to complete these tasks this weekend is because I will be with the girls all weekend while Carrie is away with her sister. I expect I might even miss a day of writing, but since I normally write late in the evening on the weekends anyway I remain hopeful that will not occur.

The balance of the reason is that the particularly intriguing feature requires that I learn some code, find out how to deploy it, then collect all my word counts from prior posts. I should look for a WP plugin that does word count. Or write one (lol).

Coasting on my meta-writing efforts in the past few days to fix the install of this blog I will bring this composition to a close.

Word count: 210