Day 49: Laser Mouse Needs a Nap

Was going to be: “Day 49: Monowheel Specs”

Against my better judgment I am going to do this without appraising myself of similar real world examples.  Let’s say for now that I promise to compare mine with theirs and do an edit.

And then better judgment kicked in.  It just wouldn’t be fun unless I tracked the genre properly.

Let’s see if this has legs instead…

I swapped out my cordless laser mouse for an older corded one–the one I swapped it in for in the first place six months ago.  The semi-retired laser version is half of a desktop suite including, unsurprisingly, a keyboard.  At this moment it’s nestled into my electronic junk drawer with a voltmeter and a Nyko Xbox battery charger.  They all seem fine with the arrangement.  I’d say the mouse is doing a better job being their companion than it was doing being mine.  At least for the past week anyway.

What went wrong is unclear.  The laser receptor did not appear smudged or marred in anyway.  Occasionally I blew dog hairs out of it, but that trouble was intermittent and temporary.  We went rounds with the old-school and rechargeable batteries, hence the proximity of the voltmeter.  Fresh batteries helped, but not for as long as I’d have thought they should.  The keyboard is still on the second set it’s ever used.  I don’t think the trouble was batterarian (that’s ‘electrical’ for those unfamiliar with my penchant for word make-uppery).

So what was the problem you ask?  Computer mice are supposed to be invisible, this one was not.  Invisible in the man-machine interface aspect not in the I can’t see my mouse aspect.  I shouldn’t have to worry that I was clicking and releasing the mouse button when I wasn’t doing either.  One click shouldn’t have doubled.  Double clicks shouldn’t have tripled.  Moving a window or object on the screen shouldn’t have randomly dropped only to pick up something new and more often than not detrimental.  Selecting text shouldn’t have selected inappropriate bits, then picked them up, and dropped them in unexpected locations.  But it did, they all did.  The mouse made my brain feel disconnected.  My expectation that mice are invisible lead me to ignore these erratic behaviors longer than I was prudent.

At first I was worried the mismatched pair residing comfortably together would not…reside comfortably together.  But they do.

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Word count: 392