Day 55: Mr. and Mrs. Crazy

Dammit where’s the humor you ask. Not really sure. I consider myself rather funny in person. Though I’ll note that it’s a situational conversational sort of humor that plays mostly off the expectations of the audience that I won’t say something tactless to get a laugh. But I do.

In the following dialogue the names have been changed to protect the identities of myself and my wife.
Jane closes the exterior door in the master bedroom.

“I left that open to cool the room off,” Joe says. “It’s finally nice enough outside to get away with.”

“You weren’t going to leave it open all night were you?” asks Jane.

“I don’t know. What do you care? You used to live in a tent.”

“In the mountains. Far away from the crazies.”

“The crazies?” Joe asks.

“You know what I meant.”

Jane is nearly in bed. Joe is stripping off his shorts and crawling in next to her. Jane nods to the light on in the bathroom behind him, “You’re not expecting me to get that.”


“I wasn’t the last one in there.”

“Ugh, you could of mentioned that sooner.”  Joe thumps out of bed and turns off the light.  “That’s why I wanted the door open, so the crazies could come in here and turn off all our lights. And put my socks in the hamper. And close the closet door. And put the seat up every damn time. That’s what the crazy crazy people do you know.” He crawls back under the sheets with as much drama as possible.

Joe turns off the light and Jane say, “There’s definitely one crazy person in here.”

“Ohh, there’s for sure one crazy person in here,” Joe agrees.



“I love you.”

“You better.”

Word count: 270