Day 57: Ten Eight the Big D

I’ll be traveling this weekend.  Anyone monitoring my vow to post daily should note that I’ll be working in the pen and paper medium most likely–if not at all.  You’ll see if I dropped the ball come Monday I suppose.

In the mean time feel free to skim back through the earlier stuff.  The tag cloud isn’t up to speed since the transfer from MT to WP.  I’m working on that but every time I get inspired I realize its that or a daily entry.  You know which comes first.

I’ve been checking out Jaiku ever since I heard the announcement that Google bought them.  I am not much on Twitter of Jaiku, but it’s not hard to belong and not participate.  On Jaiku I created a Philmont channel.  If you are a member you should try that out.  If not, I am new so I don’t have any invites to give out and you’ll need to wait.

Enjoy the weekend.