Day 79: The Mother’s Foot

Inspired by this photo.

The granite of Qard Fell rises improbably above the teeming tent-city. Selith’s thinks that were he atop that monster he’d finally be alone, not that he could see for weeks in every direction. It would be quiet too.

People gather in places of natural resource: bay towns where the fishing is good, mountain villages near the useful metals, or river camps along convenient causeways. Even simple farmers congregate on the edges of wide fertile fields. The only natural resource here is curiosity.


Too many distractions this morning. I’ll try to come back tot his because I love where it’s going so far. Elements I was hoping to capture were: visuals of the tents as ants, the tight smells of food and flesh, and the incessant sounds of merchants and tinkers. I also wanted to paint the ignorance of the origin of the Qard Fell (mother’s foot to the locals).

Word count: 147

…the only natural resource is curiosity.

On my map it’s a large square in the middle of nothing surrounded closely by little dots.  The notation is ‘Qard Fell…unknown’, ‘tents…seasonal’.  Judging from the remainder of the map it must be the founding year that is unknown.  The separate designators would seem to indicate that ‘Qard Fell’ and ‘tents’ are not the same entity.  Looking out from the scrabble crusted edge of this dune above the tents, I’d say it was true.  The curious monument is very much out of place.  In the tales of the long timers it really is mother’s foot put down from the sky.

All the merchants here and many of the regular travelers has been atop the plinth.  It could be reached by ladder if anyone bothered to bring or make one, but you couldn’t sell it so why bother.  They’ve been up there when the wind flows hard drifting sand up the base.  Sitting up there is something of a rite of passage for the veterans.

As tall as the plinth is top to bottom the width is greater still.  Accounting for the drifting sand, I imagine the proportions to measure half a golden rectangle.  While others want to climb, I will begin digging at the base in the morning to be sure.

Word count:  374