Day 80: There is a Temptation

There is a temptation to celebrate this as eighty consecutive days of blogging, but then I’d have to celebrate all the 10’s and maybe some of the 10-1’s–because they are close.   So I’ll endeavor to refrain.

Watched “Babe” with my daughters tonight.  It was basically the first time they’d seen it and we went all the way through since the ending is the best part and the whole point of watching the movie in the first place.  “That’ll do Pig.  That’ll do.”   It nearly makes me cry.

I caught the tail end of “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis the other day.  A line from that chokes me up every time too, “That’s not a salesman. That’s your daddy.”

There is another many moment in a cheesy movie floating out there that I thought I’d be able to pull up for this list, but it escapes me at this writing.  I don’t know where I am going with this line except to say there are some movie’s out there that make it briefly hard for me to swallow I find them so touching.  Every one of them is a ‘manly’ scene or some sort.

When ‘Doc’ steps out of the playing field in Iowa to save the daughter from choking on a hotdog!  That’s the other one.

There is an call in those scenes to write till I have one of my own

Word count:  228