Day 81: Abducted by Lemon, Lavender, and Mint

Three pixies scrambled out of the air-conditioning vent and slipped to the far side of the pumpkin.  One by one they emerged from the vegetable’s safety.  They huddled heads touching and hands on shoulders and whispered a plan that to my ear was no more than a squeaky distraction.  When they broke the mint one leaned against the pumpkin while the lavender one helped the lemon one onto Mint’s shoulders.  Lavender scampered up the other two.  Lavender posed proudly before kneeling down to pull up lemon.  Alone at the bottom, Mint’s only choice was to flit to the top on her delicate wings.  The three collapsed in laughter at the absurdity of their plan.  Lemon tumbled back to the floor.

On an unheard signal they all three zipped to the arm of my chair.  I held still not wanting to frighten them off.  Lemon tip-toed to my still hand and sat on a knuckle.  Lavender did the same, but he sat on a different knuckle.  Mint flitted to the keyboard of my laptop, lighting on the F7 key.  I felt the draft of her passing along my arm before I smelled the minty bouquet.  Lemon and Lavender on the left and Mint in the middle, they each regarded me with poorly hidden snickers.  I held still for fear they would realize I was not inanimate–then I discovered I was.

Lavender wafted to my ear and pipped, ~~Freeze tag; you’re it bitch.  Now listen here you.~~

Word count:  240