Don’t Forget the Napkins

“I’ve just found out there are two types of people in the world: ones who eat taco drippings and ones who don’t.”

“I don’t understand.”

“There are two kinds of people: taco-dripping eaters and non-taco-dripping eaters.”

“Saying the same thing twice doesn’t help as much as you’d think.  What are taco drippings?”

“You know, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crackers, and other shit that falls out of a taco when you eat it?”

“Ok.  Crackers?”

“Shells.  Shell pieces, whatever.”


“Uh, meat, chicken, sauce…”

“No.  I meant continue explaining you newly discovered dichotomy.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You just divided the world into two categories of people…”

“Oh yeah.  Some people won’t eat the stuff that falls out of a taco.  Lettuce and that shit makes sense, but even the good stuff, the meat and cheese, they won’t eat that.  That’s messed up.”

“Some people just disregard the byproducts of life even if moments early those byproducts were entirely valid parts of the whole.  They can’t admit that random chance might separate the survivors from the cast-offs.  Even when the cast-offs are ‘the good stuff’.  It’s scary to consider that you might make the cut through no appreciation of your skills or ability.”

“Maybe they just don’t want their fingers dirty.”

Word count: 195

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  1. w00t! First comment.

    I am remiss in not having read Douglas Adams or seen the really bad movie. Glad it reminded you of something I should have read.

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