Day 95: Aqueduct Justified

I’d hoped in the drive back to OKC that I’d have been able to come up with more regarding Kraite, Qwain, and the Drenfennelen from yesterday.  I sorted nothing out.

Justifying the aqueduct near the headwaters of a river is going to be tough.  For now, I’ll stick with it.  For whatever reason I’ve never been much on backing away from my initial inspirations for a scene.  I happily amend and discard later on, but my instinct is to build on early thoughts to see where the conflicts take me.

Best I’ve got so far is that the city served by the aqueduct is on the other side of the continental divide for the river.  It’s just come to me that maybe due to rapid elevation drop the aqueduct levels out the delivery to a nearby location that happens to near the elevation of the source.  I like this.  Religious building in the mountains?

My main characters species is undetermined.  He does have fur though so far and I have an inclination toward him being more animalistic that heavily bearded.  With him also being gay I’ll have to tread carefully to avoid ‘furry’ overtones.  I suspect this won’t be hard as I am not really angling for romance as part of the plot here.  You know, the plot I don’t even have.

Word count: 220