Day 220: Beautiful Simplicity

I’ve just bought a game that inspires me.  I wanted to say, "Inspires my writing."  I am not sure that I can or it could, not exactly.

The premise of the game is to do one thing.  One very simple thing.  My four year old loves it and the almost three year old plays it well enough, but likes Daddy to do it because I’m better at it and it’s therefore more fun to watch.  The point is it’s simple.  They spice it up with variety of play and a timer, but I’d happily play without different zones or even a ticking clock to beat.

It’s worth thinking about how to adapt such simplicity to writing.

My first reaction is that you probably can’t.  There is structure and purpose in the language that begat the words that in turn build a story.  But I wouldn’t have thought the simplification employed by this game would create game play that competes with much more complex and involved games.