Day 126: What I’d Rather Cut My Teeth On

Wacky patchwork day today.

It began with a late morning in bed, breakfast for the kiddos, and then hacking at the job for a bit before a late lunch and two or so hours on the phone with support.  At the end of the call the headache that had been looming like a Red-tailed hawk on a urbanized rabbit swooped in and made it’s kill.  I hung in there for another hour before stumbling back to bed for a short nap and a near magic recovery.  I am deeply suspicious that it’s the prilosec side-effect headache since I was well caffeinated earlier in the day.

Dinner was a last minute trip to not-so-cheap Chinese.

One kid to bed, the other two watching the BBC’s Planet Earth on HD.  Some segments of the circle of life in HD are worth skipping over.  Somehow, “Well you see, the lions are hungry too.” just doesn’t erase the elephantine abattoir.  Life’s messy and I don’t want them to not know it’s real, but I think I’ll cut my teeth on explaining vaginas and penises before I try to explain gutting Dumbo’s mom again.

All this is to say that I didn’t notice that it was late and I hadn’t yet written for the day.

Word count:  207