Day 128: Save the Cheerleader

Nighttime.  The barely paved country road rises up and drops down with the rise and drop of the Oklahoma hills.  Gretchen watches bugs light up in the headlights of her hand-me-down black ’69 Fiat Spider.  The top is down and they stay lighted as the blow over her head.  It’s a strange effect.  Gabe “Knocker” Nockman drives.

The September air is warm and clear.  They are are far enough out of the city to be seeing stars well.  Ever time the car descends into a ravine the temperature drops sharply then warms again on the climb out.  When they pass over a creek the windshield fogs briefly.  At the speed Knocker is going the sensation is invigorating.

They pass under a tree and it’s lighted leaves swoosh overhead.  Gretchen loves the top down when she’s not driving.

Can’t figure out where I am going with this.

Word count: 149