Day 142: The Last Counted Day

I am considering dropping the day count numbering to the main body of the posts rather than having them so prominently in the title.  I suspect this will aid in my gaining more SEO respect as well as conserving the space available on this Blogrush widget I’ve added.  Since it’s my blog and my DB I can always get into the body with a query.  If I wanted to somehow recreate the day count part of the title for some future reason.

It makes this whole thing look like a project.  I am not going to deliver it to a customer once I hit day 1001.  It won’t get packaged and sold–or shelved.

A post each day is evidence enough that I’ve written as I vowed.  The numbers are really for me to track where I am.  Why publish them?

Word count has been bugging me too.  But I think it should bug me since it’s purpose is to goad.  I’ll keep it around for a bit.

Also, we need a weekly limit on these crap maintenance posts.