Ambushed by Shrove Tuesday

Starting to wish I had a backlit keyboard. Maybe i should look into one of those.

I’m pretty happy with the write up I did of the Martin Sexton concert a week or so back in Oklahoma City. I wish I had pictures to go along with that, but I didn’t bring a camera.

I am disappointed with the conclusion. I think it is clear that I just stopped writing. Laziness inspired me, but I consciously decided to wrap it up fast. My narrative was heading down a path I wasn’t sure how to turn back toward the intended trail. It seemed prudent to just stop.

My other option was to know something about music or to have recalled Sexton’s line up so that I could make more definitive comments, but I don’t and couldn’t so I didn’t and I can’t. I’m thinking of seeing Samantha Craine soon. Maybe I’ll smarten up by then.

This morning I decided that I would pursue looking into taking aikido. It’s not all that hard to pursue looking into such things when you’ve got the Internet 24/7 so I am done. Done looking and pursuing. Next comes the considering attending. I don’t expect I’ll be allowed much time to consider attending before I am forced to commit one way or the other.

And there’s Lent. Son of a bitch that snuck up on me again this year. Which is odd since I’ve been back at Mass regularly. Thanks for the heads up Padre! I learned it from a Brit on Twitter. For anyone out there on the Internet that doesn’t know, this means that I am starting my traditional three day fast tomorrow. This is a Catholic thing. At least not directly Catholic. It’s just something I cooked up in my Freshman year at the University of Kansas back in 88–this’ll be the 20th year for me. It’s actually quite intriguing. First day closes very physical, second day mental, third is oddly neutral until bed time. Saturday is Denny’s.

Word count: 332
Day 157