Being Flexible

My creative endeavors are running in to each other.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day at a glitzy one-day software camp.  I’m expecting mostly demos and discussions.  I am fearing hands on creation.  Though I’ll be honest I expect I’d learn more from what I fear than what I don’t.

When I signed up over a month ago it was mostly a lark.  I’d been hearing about this development tool and the date lands a day before my birthday so I thought of it as a gift to myself.  On the eve of the event I’m becoming retiring.  What can I really do with this tool except be initially impressed, secondarily enthusiastic, tertiarily engaged, and finally disinterested?

We shall see.

Day 187

2 Replies to “Being Flexible”

  1. I came here via britgirlsarah’s blog, and I’m suitably impressed that you’re going to write for 1000 days. I’ve had a quick glance at more recent posts, but I’ll be back to have a good look off and on.

  2. @Dabrah Thank you so much for stopping by. And thank you for taking time out to read a few of the latest.

    I generally write in the fantasy or SciFi vein, but I don’t restrict myself to such.

    As friends and family have discovered, I don’t have an obvious thread–I don’t even have an unobvious one. The best organization you can find would be to use the tags to navigate to similar themes, but I notice those have disappeared from this blog skin. Try a search on ‘shanty’ that’s maybe my most cohesive thing.

    I don’t require myself to complete or continue anything. If you read an entry you’d like to know more about, comment and I’ll probably come back to it sooner.

    Welcome and enjoy!

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