In the Distance I See Lights

I’m sitting in a chair next to my daughter’s hospital bed. It’s a scene from more than a few movies. My Mother took the day off to help with the other three. Birthday plans and Baptism plans have been postponed or pushed back. Friends and family have checked in via phone and email and such. Well wishers have wished her well.

But I’ve not been here all day and all night. I’ve not been talking to her so she could hear my voice nor begging God to wake her up. She isn’t cancerous or comatose. She isn’t even all that ill by my eye. No ounce of me is worrying the outcome of this event.

Maybe this is what it’s like to place your trust in God. Maybe this is what it’s like to know His Will Be Done and that you can only hope that His Will and your own run parallel for a span. I don’t think I have and I don’t think it is.

Rather, I’ve just never had something like this go wrong.

Word count: 187
Day 200