Voh Stopped Concentrating

Voh concentrated.

It was helpful when people spoke to Voh directly and sometimes when they spoke to other people near Voh. On more than one occasion Voh’d run into some trouble at having been told not to do something, but having done it because Voh’d missed the ‘not’ part. Little Mother Jone taught Voh to picture a knotted rope when Voh heard the word used. She had unknowingly saved Voh’s life many times.

The Merchant was telling Voh how to get to Doansboro. Voh went there every few days—the same way everytime. Voh stopped concentrating.

“On the list?”

“Yes Voh, it’s on the list. It’s always on the list but I want to make sure that you…”

Voh took the list and pushed it to the bottom of Voh’s pocket. The Merchant sighed and buttoned the pocket then held the reins of Voh’s pony while Voh mounted.


“Good Voh. Thanks Voh. See you…”

Word count: 158
Day 202