A Few Less Leaves

I’m reading again. When I was younger I read books voraciously—one after the next. I read late into the night frequently. Once, I read an entire novel in a single sitting. Once I uncovered an author I read everything they wrote then reread it all when I couldn’t find anything new.

Not now.

These days I’m surprised when I’m reading late at night or even remembering to pick up the book I put down last night, last week, or last month. I’ve had to restart books I’ve abandoned afraid I just couldn’t figure it out unless I started over. Worse and more surprising I’ve chosen to not read when I could have easily done so.

The events of a family’s life clog up a day like fallen leaves bunch together to dam an overland stream. The first leaf catching on an innocent obstruction in the flow. Subsequent leaves piling up blamelessly behind the first. Individually none takes up all that much time. Even several in a bunch can’t significantly waylay my plans to read. Incrementally they build till their ceaselessness and unpredictability overwhelm me. Watching television becomes easier to accomplish.

In any case, for now, I am reading again.

Word count: 209
Day 209

2 Replies to “A Few Less Leaves”

  1. I recently ran across you on Twitter.
    I saw this post today… wow, you just described me. I’m a former voracious reader, hardly reads at all these days…and not happy about it, hmmmm.

  2. @JK Welcome to 1000 Days! I suspect it had something to do with being in or around OKC.

    You won’t find much comment traffic around here, but I do have a few dedicated lurkers keeping me in line with my goal. Please chime in on anything that interests you or concerns you.

    If I may suggest anything it would be the ‘shanty’ tag.


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