Imbuers Local #451

Sadly, it’s taken me two days to write the following and three to post. I’ve taken that as a sign to let it simmer—or die—rather than to push it further.

A single voice intoned the chant.

Other voices joined the first in staggering succession as if each new singer required a sense more substantial than mere hearing to recognize the invitation. [expand here] As the number of singers grew others joined more quickly until the swell of the chant could not be ignored by the remaining few—save one, the chant’s initiator.

Thima, toak-Slay ceased chanting after several others took up the song. It waited silently but not unmovingly for the remaining Imbuers to join. Thima maneuvered the crowded dais to the edge and signaled for the next hoop to be lowered into place.

The unseen audience hushed to silence when they heard the

Word count: 115
Day 216 and 217

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