Cutting My Comics Teeth

Below is my effort to mimic a comic book. I’ve not written this but paraphrased from an actual comic book. I’m looking to reproduce the feel in my head not to pass this off as my own work.

The motivation for this piece is about ten years of reading comics and the newest version of Celtx. They added a comic book template.

Page 1

Panel 1 Outside a high-rise club in downtown Tokyo

Think she’ll bite?

Panel 2 Inside same club; well dressed patrons of all cultures
dance in the background; Sidekick and HERO sit at a
table for two in the fore.

There are only two ways for this to go. We’ll know
soon enough.

Whatever. I’m just killing time here.

Panel 3 Our hero is displeased.

I didn’t ask you here and I don’t need you.

Page 2

Panel 1 Our Sidekick is undaunted; bubbly in fact.

And miss this banter? Clearly you’re a powerhouse
in this scene. How’d you solo this far up the

Panel 2 Reverse on our convo from the dance floor

How do you know I soloed this far?

Not sure. You’ve got a loner vibe. As for me it
was time I got my game on. No one else looking out
for Sidekick.

Panel 3 On our hero again

This scene stands for more than your selfishness,

Panel 4 Over our hero’s shoulder on angry Sidekick.

Pft! Climb down from your castle some time to see
how the rest of us live. We’re scrounging for
position down here and it not getting better, it’s
getting worse. I’m not getting screwed over!

This scene is about defending the people. It’s
been that way along time. Time erodes our

Panel 5 Hero’s eyes

…unless we remember what it stands for.

Word count: 260
Day 242