Relative to the Book Gate

:?list available shops, sort by proximity, with directions relative to the Book Gate:

:.danforth Road Photography (0.26 miles, 11.5°)
:,[something that sounds like a mini-mall] (0.84 miles, 85.5°)
:,bonar Balfour: Haberdasher & Milliner (2.67 miles, 127.3°):

:?haberdasher: I’m trying to imagine a shop that sells clothing, woman’s hats, and photography supplies. As well as decide if I want to go that far out of my way.

:.public inventory includes stock films and custom cutting services:

:?stocking man’s hats:, I could really use a new hat.

:.affirmative: it; call in the quickest order to fill; shut-down:

I stop listening before the camera acknowledges my requests. I need to think.

Word count: 113
Day 246