Dripping with Metawriting

I mentioned earlier I am poking around Celtx. I still am. Some of the tools I play with come and go like the tides. I can’t seem to find enough value in them to hang on for too long. But then most of these organizey things are for high output producers. If you aren’t producing stuff there’s next to no reason to organize it.

With Cetix I spent the day front loading all the content I have on 1000 Days for Shanty. I actually have quite a few posts and thoughts regarding that early producing thread. I am hoping that a bit of sorting and shuffling will yield unexpected gems of plot. I don’t want to work these guys too hard, but I don’t want to let them off the hook either.

How will this rummaging about result in anything useful? I’m always short on magical answers like that. I’m starting to think that this is the hard part of writing that successful authors lament. Making something out of nearly nothing I guess.

Day 252