Tanna and the Giant

“Up ahead Mama,” called Tanna.  She dashed several steps out in front, but slowed when her mother did not match her new pace.

“I see, Flower.  I see.”  Cuivva had watched the light through the trees grow since the last bend, but she always let Tanna discover their progress first.  It reminded her of times past when she could still let the little girl win a game of jumpers.  Finding the giant’s path was about the only thing left Cuivva could figure out before Tanna.

Sunlight from the south brightened the green leaves of the trees on th opposite side of the giant’s path while silhouetting the the nearer ones.  The effect from their smaller human trail gave the feeling of approaching a meadow–a very long, but not wide, meadow.

Cuivva spotted the redundant sign post with the unnecessary writing–which she couldn’t read–before Tanna too.  Everyone knew what lay ahead.

This isn’t picking up as smoothly as I’d like this morning and I’m fat fingering more keys than I’m not.  I think I’ll call this good for now and maybe sleep on it.

Day 259