Not the Honga Followup I Planned

Let’s see if I can string together a plot of some kind here.  I’ll run down the TOC for the “20 Master Plots and how to build them” book I bought a ways back.  Also I’ll resist the urge to create a spreadsheet outlining the TOC and making use of cells to collect the core tips for each master plot.  I’ll try not to think about how easy it would be to then create a template that I could use over and over to crank out simple plottings like this.  Tamping down natural instinct to avoid writing.

Tyh discovers a map while cleaning the Quartermaster’s shop.  He convinces Keena and Bem to aid him in traveling to the X to find the McGuffin.




See Quest above.  Their suspicious departure with a honga angers the guild.  The three not only race to find the McGuffin but out run their pursuers.  Finding the McGuffin in time will appease all parties.

The moment Keena thrusts Tyh toward the Quartermaster is the last time anyone sees her.  Because she has enemies no one is surprised but only Tyh seems to want to do anything about it.  He must find out where she’s been taken and by whom to stabilize some world shattering turmoil I’ll have to figure out later.


Captured by Keena and indentured with the Quartermaster, Tyh wants nothing to do with these filthy honga drivers.  He must master his fear of the beasts and find a way out if he is to get back to his village and marry the girl of his dreams before she [has something plausibly bad happen to her].


The Riddle
You mean like WTF?


Tyh’s position in the Quartermaster’s shop puts him in touch with every honga rider and pilot in the den.  He unwittingly gains experience and connections Keena craves.  It’s not until he is sworn as a honga-rider that her jealousy peaks and he must find a way to reconcile or make an enemy of her for all time.

Unable to get even the simplest chores completed to the Quartermaster’s satisfaction Tyh is passed from one department to the next.  It’s not until he accidentally bonds with a young honga that anyone really takes notice of him.  To prove his worthiness he competes in the honga [races|games|gymkhana|superbowl] and narrowly wins (in the last quarter).

Calling it a night.  Maybe I’ll brainstorm the other nine tomorrow.

Day 268