Matte Writing: One Paragraph at a Time

Lolanonashee sunk to one knee and one hand.  She watched the iridescent beetle trundle into her palm.  Initially green-purple, the bite-size bug glitteringly transitioned to purple-gold during the climb.  When it stopped in her palm, seemingly aware it was no longer among the grit and shade near the base of the flower bench, nor concealed on the wide glossy blade of a nameless plant—no doubt imported from the jungles of Sind—and not even warming itself in the sun on a cut stone in the Chatda Dan Gardens behind Grawn House—the hereditary refuge of the Ashee family—it reflected gold and yellow.

Introduce another character here.

Have a strangely tension building conversation here.

Part with the plot already rolling to the first encounter.

I really need to work out when to use parentheticals and when to use dashes and when to use commas.  Pretty sure I’m just making this shit up.

Day 273