Big Green Square Weekend

That’s right.  I write on weekends too.  How the hell else am I going to get caught up?

I rocked that camera I talked about earlier this week.  Meaning, I pushed the button on it for a couple hours while leaving the dial locked on Big Green Square.  If you take 150 pictures some will turn out.  Some did.  But I’ve got to stop relying on that setting.

Hosted a birthday party today.  I’ve been skeptical all month about the content of this thing.  I’ve been dubiously supportive of it in the last week.  Last night I got around to cutting out the swords while my wife pieced together an astounding castle cake.  This monstrous pastry sported four ice-cream cone towers, iced rosebuds on delicate vines, chocolate candy rocks, and home-made frosting.  And the idiots bragged on how nice my foam core cut-out swords looked.

I plan to use the weekends for editing.  I’ll find something I wrote a ways back.  Review it.  Then re-write it.  Or substantially clean it up.  I think editing is a skill I need to work on.

Day 235