Jasper’s Fifth and Final Spell

For the sticklers, I did write yesterday.  And edit.  I just can’t post the content publicly for now.  Settle down.  It’s not salacious, just temporarily private.  Plus, the content is not interesting to most of you anyway.

Jasper pointed his #2 pencil finely but the angle of it annoyed him.  The woman  running the cash register at Tilton’s down the road cooed at his choice of color and said, “It’s a lovely sharpener.”  She obviously thought shavers and sharpeners were the same in the way she thought five-year olds and eleven years olds were the same.   This pink plastic and razor blade jobie compared poorly to the seven sharpeners with dual rotary cutters locked in the eight rooms of the school at his back.  It was not at all like the kind the nuns mounted to the door jams at Sacred Heart Parish School in Topeka.

He gently dulled the needle pointed lead with a few careful circles on the back page of his notebook.  Jasper thumbed back to the front to the first pair of blank pages.  He then numbered the page at the top with an encircled five.  He thought for a moment–maybe he prayed for success–then began constructing the vine-like vertical rune-script of his fifth and final spell.

Day 333