Tuesday Morning Filler

I write.  I do it every single day.

Maybe you hadn’t noticed?

In the context of this 1000 days I’m losing my stride somewhat because life and work intervene.  I think this is OK, but I’d like to better dodge these obstacles then to simply step out of the race till they’re gone.  Regardless, I do write everyday.  I compose emails.  I jot down notes.  I twitter.

Writing when I’m writing keeps my words sharp and my attention honed.  These other contexts hold a different purpose than does this blog.  Each have different audiences: co-workers, myself, or disinterested others, but each requires my writing to be succinct.

I am reading a book in the evenings in which the main character continually rehashes her previous medical experience in the context of her new magical skills.  My perception of this character is that she’s standing at a locked door holding a key and can’t work out what to do on the next page.  I suppose the author felt as if she were building to this scenario more than I feel she did.  Each similar scene subtly different than the previous one.  Possibly she sees the events I find repetitive as progressing: character sees key, picks up key, wanders, wanders into door, matches key to lock, etc.  I don’t.

I don’t know that I could structure a novel of my own with such a repetitive theme.  Once I say something I find it hard to say it again.  I work at extending the things I’ve said once to make sure I’ve covered them well enough for a reader to follow.  I still feel as if I’ve shorted them.

Day 360